CWI Newletters (in PDF)

Our Clearinghouse on Women's Issues (CWI) Newsletters are a rich source of information on topics and activities relating to increasing gender equality in the US and globally.  They announce the month's topic and meeting, report on the previous month's meeting content, and list coming events. The nine annual issues go from January-November.  (There are no CWI meetings or newsletters in July, August, and December.) Each annual set of newsletters is completely word searchable. Just use CONTROL + F to enter the "Find" mode in Acrobat. (Mac instructions: Click on Archives at the top of the page. Click on blue year of the newsletters you want to search below. Click on Acrobat icon at the right. Click on the binoculars on the left. Search appears on the left.)

They provide a great resource to complement the program and history information on this CWI website.  (If you have earlier CWI newsletters in digital or hard copy versions, please send them to CWI presidents.  The recent newsletters are available under the News section of this website.)  Enjoy!

2004  (Only October and November 2004 issues)

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