The Clearinghouse on Women’s Issues was established in 1974 by a diverse group of women and organizations to provide a channel for dissemination of information on public policy issues of mutual concern. For almost 40 years CWI has remained a volunteer organization with a changing Board of Directors and membership extending beyond the Washington, DC area. The Clearinghouse is a member of the National Council of Women’s Organizations and cooperates with many other groups by signing joint letters to Congress and by participating in conferences and committees devoted to our issues of concern. The founders, like the current members, were committed to the core values of feminism and a shared dedication to social change. The high caliber of the speakers at the monthly discussion meetings enabled CWI and its members to contribute to the developing American and international women’s movement.

The Clearinghouse on Women's Issues marks its 40th anniversary in 2014.  As we approach the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Clearinghouse on Women’s Issues (CWI), we look forward and backward at the same time. … Forward to the coming year of the Clearinghouse’s dedication to monthly programs addressing issues of concern in all aspects of life for girls and women and backward to the rich history of programming and advocacy that can be found at links on this site. Briefly, at this juncture, we examine themes that emerge as we look back at 40 years of programming highlights.  It is significant to note that themes emerge and re-emerge as we consider the past and future topics addressing women’s health, pay equity, political action, sexual harassment in the schools and the workplace, violence against women, the Equal Rights Amendment, women’s representation in science, technology, and engineering, Title IX and its accomplishments, trafficking of women and girls and women’s issues as Presidential administrations change and the climate for the rights of girls and women shifted.

What remains constant for the Clearinghouse on Women’s Issues is the sense of common purpose and urgency that accompanies each of the nine annual programs. The people in attendance and the speakers form a special bond, examining issues that affect the lives of girls and women in Washington, DC and around the nation and the world.

In 2003, CWI published,Women Networking: Three Decades of the Clearinghouse on Women’s Issues that is available for download.

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