In 2003, CWI published "Women Networking: Three Decades of the Clearinghouse on Women’s Issues". It reveals a broad range of meeting topics, although major issues continue to be emphasized in employment, education, health, welfare, civil rights, and the economy.

With the growing interest in recording the history of the second and third waves of the women's movement, it was timely to chronicle the activities of CWI with input from some of the original members. The Clearinghouse also sought a fitting way to honor the memory of our longtime member, Mary O'Connor, to whom this report was dedicated.

A special acknowledgment was made to Dvora Lovinger who conducted the substantial research of our records and the interviews; Lovinger organized and wrote the basic narrative of this publication.  Many thanks were due to Brett Geranen for his valuable assistance in the publication process. Additional appreciation goes to Joy Simonson, Harriett Harper, and the late Roslyn Kaiser, and Ruth Nadel of the CWI Board of Directors, who brought institutional memory and editorial judgment to the final document.

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