Newsletter and Brochure

The CWI newsletter has been a major asset in the development of the organization, serving not only as the vehicle to inform members of upcoming meetings but providing a detailed report on the past meeting.  Many out-of-town members continue membership in order to receive the newsletter and keep informed on current issues.

Although a short version of the CWI newsletter was reportedly published as early as 1974, the earliest available newsletter is from June 1981.  That issue recounted the May 1981 meeting, entitled “Opportunities for Women in Government,” with speakers Wendy Borcherdt, Associate Director of Personnel at the White House, Ann Zabaldo, a free lance researcher and trainer, and Carmen Rosa Maymi, the first Hispanic Director of the Women's Bureau and later the Director of Equal Employment Opportunity for the Office of Personnel Management. 

The report stated: "There was general agreement among the participants that effective training for management and career development are essential for women in the 1980’s.  It was also agreed that women must continue building and using their network and support systems for gaining access to positions and moving between the public and private sector." 

The newsletter also announced the topic of the June meeting to be “Role of Voluntary Organizations in Public Policy” with Diana Lozano, Special Assistant to the President and Deputy Director of the Office of Public Liaison. 

Clearly, as early as 1981, although CWI was less than ten years old, the organization was already able to attract high-level professional speakers to address its members.  This demonstrates the group’s early importance and set the stage for its successful future.

Sometime between 1982 and 1984, the first brochure of the Clearinghouse on Women’s Issues was published.  The brochure gave a brief history of the organization, its purpose, guidelines for membership, and a list of the current board of directors.  It also included a section on areas of interest and listed equality in the workplace, equal legal rights, advancement of educational opportunities for women, women and health, protection of human and civil rights, and problems of low income women, all of which remain as the primary concerns for members into the 21st century.  Some issues listed that were later deleted were the status of the homemaker, problems of older women, and the National and World Plans of Action, though a general topic area of global issues affecting women was added in their place.

The November 1983 CWI newsletter was the first issue to list events or announcements in addition to a short account of the previous CWI meeting.  This newsletter also included an announcement for an AAUW conference that CWI had been asked to co-sponsor.  The conference, to be held in New York City in October 1984, would cover the, “critical issues affecting women today and in the future” and would be the first major conference co-sponsored by the Clearinghouse. 

The newsletter also included an announcement for a new book, A Woman’s Guide to Moving Up in Business and Government, written by CWI’s vice-chairperson, Daisy Fields, as well as the publication of Choices: A Teen Woman’s Journal for Self-Awareness and Personal Planning by CWI member Mildred Wurf, and Consumer Activists – They Made a Difference – A History of Consumer Action Related by Leaders in the Consumer Movement, which included an introduction written by CWI board member Caroline Ware and a chapter by CWI President Mary Keyserling.

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