The Clearinghouse on Women’s Issues has been on the front lines of feminism for 30 years. One can trace the growth and development of the women’s movement by reviewing the history of CWI meetings. The programs reflect the range of public policy concerns that are most relevant for women.

Some issues recur, year after year: gender discrimination and women in the workplace, women and girls in education, the Equal Rights Amendment, reproductive rights, Social Security, welfare, and equal pay. Unfortunately, these problems remain on the agenda, but CWI has not given up on the search for new solutions.

Ruth Nadel, a former president of the Clearinghouse, observed that CWI programs have consistently presented expert speakers who have brought meaningful perspective as well as information to the discussions. She said: "Our members, mostly professionals and activists, have been involved in the women's movement for many years. They are not just colleagues, but friends as well. Also, we have been fortunate to have a top-notch newsletter and excellent leaders who were committed to the group's goals."

The Clearinghouse, although a relatively small organization, has made a significant impact through its networking outreach. Its continuing activities and contributions to national and international campaigns for women's rights make CWI a respected voice on women’s issues.   

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