Carolyn A. Cook

Past Vice President, Programs, CWI Web Mistress, and CWI Site Creator

Carolyn Cook is a local elected official and social entrepreneur with a background in Visual Media Communications, Human Resources and volunteerism on behalf of women and girls.  As the HR Manager in Work/ Family Initiatives at the Discovery Channel, Carolyn was a key contributor to establishing Discovery’s award-winning workplace as one of America's ‘100 Best Company’s For Employees and Their Families’.

Having been re-elected to a 3rd term as Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, Carolyn's accomplishments have included: preventing DC government from dismantling disabled parking privileges without warrant, advocating for the development of a National Women’s Heritage Trail; testifying on behalf of DC retail workers to be paid a living wage and establishing a program for seniors at her local community center known as Club 6o+.

Carolyn and her mother formed the social enterprise, United 4 Equality, LLC (U4E), that advocates for a national work/life agenda via ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment by 2015.  Carolyn authored the exciting, new joint resolution in Congress to remove any deadline for ratification of the ERA in the final 3 states needed that was introduced by Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD), Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL) and Congresswoman Jackie Speiers (D-CA). To confirm whether your members of Congress have co-sponsored H.J. Res. 113 & S.J. Res. 15, and if not, how to contact them, go to

As a 2013 - 2015 Vision 2020 Delegate for Washington, DC, Carolyn hopes to engage adolescent girls in the political arena to work for a more fair and equitable future for themselves under the Equal Rights Amendment.  She received a 2014 Alice Paul Award for her work to establish the ERA 2015 campaign.