Tina Hobson

Past Board Member


Tina Hobson, Board Member, has been a pioneer since she arrived in Washington DC in 1961. Her Federal Government experience included early assignments with the DOL poverty programs and the Peace Corps. She worked with Esther Peterson at the White House to promote the Equal Rights Amendment and with the CSC Office of Personnel Management as the first Director of the Federal Woman’s Program (established in 1967 under EO #11375). She held several positions with the Federal Energy Office and the Federal Energy Administration (FEA) before her appointment as Director of the Department of Energy’s (DOE's) first Office of Consumer Affairs. At DOE, she established a broad based consumer and energy education program -- with a $6-10 million annual budget -- while coordinating national and regional staff and 22 advisory committees. Ms. Hobson retired from DOE as a Career Senior Executive in 1983 to work with a number of environmental organizations: Renew America, The Rodale Institute, The National Center for Appropriate Technology, and the Safe Energy Communications Council. Additional private sector experience involved conference management and teaching. Ms. Hobson is a graduate of Stanford University and the Coro Foundation in California. In addition to her two sons, she enjoys 5 grandchildren.