Dr. Janice Koch

Past Director


Janice Koch, Ph.D. is Professor Emerita of Science Education. She is the author of Science Stories: A Science Methods Book for Elementary and Middle School Teachers 5th Ed(2013) , published by Wadsworth/Cengage. Dr. Koch is the former director of the IDEAS Institute, an outreach arm of the School of Education Health, and Human Services. She taught courses in Science Education, Qualitative Research, and Gender Studies. Dr. Koch consults to projects across the country that create meaningful science curriculum for elementary and middle school students. Her new book is Teach2 published by Wadsworth/Cengage (2014). It is an introduction to education textbook with an emphasis on our changing student population and the role of technology and globalization in teaching and learning.

Dr. Koch works on several NSF grants including Ecology Disrupted that uses electronic media to engage middle school students in ecology units relating daily activities to the function of ecosystems. She also works on NSF funded projects in New York, Ohio and Texas. The NYC project engages middle school students in science experiences using the Apple application Leafsnap. This project furthers student learning about urban trees and evolutionary biology. Dr. Koch also works on the NSF funded project out of Texas, MSSELL: Middle School Science for English Language Learners and the NSF MSP Partnership out of the University of Toledo: LEADERS, a collaboration with industry, science teachers and scientists on behalf of learning about alternative energy sources.

She is currently a director on the board of the Clearinghouse on Women’s Issues, CWI, based in Washington DC.