Roberta E. Stanley

Vice President Legislation & Co-Secretary


Roberta E. Stanley, VP Legislation, proudly hails from Michigan where she was a Capitol Press Corps reporter, Assistant Superintendent of Public Instruction, Title IX Coordinator, Federal Liaison, and Director of the Office of Federal Relations and Administrative Law, including Supervisor of the state Teacher Tenure Commission staff. She gained valuable experience and exposure working for Congressman William D. Ford and the House Committee on Education and Labor on reauthorizations of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, the Postsecondary Education Act, Head Start, Child Nutrition. Legislative issues included poverty and workforce development with a special emphasis on modernizing and upgrading programs, and adjusting funding formulas for Title I, workforce development and Head Start to more equitably distribute program funds between and among the states. As a passionate advocate for K-12 and postsecondary education, equity, school health and child nutrition, Roberta is well known for leading multi-state coalitions, developing legislative reauthorization or amendment packages, saving worthy, successful programs from budgetary cuts, developing thoughtful professional development on emerging and changing issues, and mentoring young men and women on politics and legislative and government relations. “Bert”, as she is called by her many friends and colleagues in Washington and throughout the United States, is a graduate of Michigan State University and loyal Spartan fan.