Honoring the Wonderful Feminist Life and Contributions of Dr. Bernice “Bunny” Sandler, Godmother of Title IX 

Dr. Bunny Sandler, is a former CWI Board Member, meeting presenter, and long- time friend of many DC area feminists and educators especially CWI Co-Presidents Harriett Stonehill and Sue Klein. Harriett went to summer camp with Bunny over 75 years ago and Bunny helped Sue with her pilot dissertation research before Bunny worked with Congresswomen Edith Green and Patsy Mink to develop Title IX. (See page 2 of the January 2019 Newsletter for more information and links to news articles and videos.)

This celebration of Dr. Sandler’s life will provide an opportunity for many of Bunny’s friends and admirers to share their stories and insights on Bunny’s contributions. It will also help us learn how we can continue to work together to defend the full implementation of Title IX especially now that the 1975 Title IX Regulations are being threatened by proposed changes from the Trump administration.

After this meeting we plan to share tapes and materials with Bunny’s daughters, grandchildren, and archives and to add to her website. Bunny’s daughters are also planning to organize a DC area memorial gathering this summer. We will also show some videos of Bunny such as her 2013 presentation when she was inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame.

In addition to Harriett and Sue, the following friends and colleagues of Bunny have already confirmed they will come and share: Marty Langelan, Marcia Greenberger, Ellie Smeal, Jeanette Lim Esbrook, Edie Fraser, Francelia Gleades McKindra, Caryn McTighe Musil and Amanda Berard. Harriett already has a list of 10 things you may not know about Bunny. As time permits any attendee will be able to share stories and accolades. We hope many who speak about Bunny will want to be videotaped and photographed so their remembrances can be shared with Bunny’s family and posted on Bunny’s, CWI’s and other websites. Marty is writing about Bunny for the Spring Ms. Magazine and working with Amanda and the family on Bunny’s website so bring your contributions to share on Jan. 22 and beyond.

CWI meetings are free and open to the public. We will bring some light lunch refreshments. 

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Next CWI meeting, Noon Tue. February 26, 2019. "The 2020 U.S. Census, Gerrymandering, & Voter Suppression"

Check www.womensclearinghouse.org for meeting cancellations. The 11 Dupont Circle entrance is on New Hampshire Ave., across from the Dupont Plaza Hotel. Metro stop: Dupont; south exit.

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