Fostering Collaboration Among Feminist Organizations to Attain Women's Equality 

Our June 18 Annual Clearinghouse on Women’s Issues (CWI) lunch meeting will focus on how CWI member organizations can better help each other become well informed powerful activists for women’s equality in multiple areas of concern and from diverse perspectives. CWI is a 45-year old DC non-profit organization of individual and organizational members who learn from and support each other’s feminist goals. In these critical times we need to do this even more effectively and efficiently. With the resurgence of support for ERA we are close to victory! In the Virginia legislature we were only one vote short on an administrative move that would have made Virginia the 38th state to ratify the ERA. We also need to be continually informed about how we can most effectively fight the constant, vigorous assaults on women’s health culminating in the restrictive abortion legislation now passed in OH, LA, MO and AL. In our May 28 meeting, we learned about involving women in international security.

While we miss the former National Council of Women’s Organizations, CWI has been assuming some of its important collaboration and dissemination functions and adding new ones such as video-taping many meetings and showing them on public TV.

At this meeting we are inviting our CWI member organizations to give:
A 3-minute description of the feminist aspects of their organization and bring handouts. 
• Suggestions on how they would like CWI to help their organization and vice-versa. So far, we are counting on presentations from Alexa DeJesus from the National Women’s Political Caucus, NOW, the Feminist Majority Foundation. Please let us know If you will present for your CWI member organization so we can add you and your organization to the agenda. New organizational members are encouraged to join and present by June 18.

We hope this meeting will:
• Bring groups together to propel women’s equality forward through networking, partnering and collaborative education and action
• Strengthen ties and facilitate collaboration between the women’s movement and social justice allies; and
• Reaching out to include communities who have never been involved in the multiple aspects of the feminist movement.

This is a long- term agenda and one that we will have to work on continuously. But it certainly tops waiting for the next threat to women’s rights nationally and globally. CWI wants to hear from its members and others about their plans to stand up and resist/fight back.

CWI meetings are free and open to the public. We will bring some light lunch refreshments. 

RSVP to attend the meeting is required. Click here to RSVP.

Next CWI meeting, Noon Tuesday September 24, 2019.

Check for meeting cancellations. The 11 Dupont Circle entrance is on New Hampshire Ave., across from the Dupont Plaza Hotel. Metro stop: Dupont; south exit.

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