Connie Cordovilla


 Connie Cordovilla.jpg

Is the Associate Director of the Human Rights and Community Relations Department of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), AFL-CIO.  She is assigned to the areas of Women’s Rights, LGBTQ Rights, and Human Trafficking.  Connie assists in the planning, development and implementation of its community engagement efforts and the work of the Civil and Human Rights Committee, the Women’s Rights Committee and the Human Rights and Community Relations Committee. She works with the AFT Bullying project and serves as the AFT liaison to labor and national groups in their community efforts, working with members, locals and community based organizations in the areas of women’s rights, sexual harassment and workplace bullying, domestic and workplace violence, disability rights, civil rights for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender workers and women in non-traditional careers.  Connie is involved in NOVA CLUW, Chapter President for Northern VA NOW, Secretary Treasurer for the National Committee on Pay Equity, Treasurer for the National Coalition for Women and Girls in Education and Secretary of the Tysons Corner Lions Club.

She has two married daughters, a grandson and granddaughters.