Loretto Gubernatis, Vice President Media Outreach

Loretto Gubernatis

Loretto Gubernatis is a film maker and author of 22 books including the N Things Series. She has won 15 Telly Awards for her television productions including the documentaries on The Baltimore Fire of 1904 and Billie Holiday and is the owner of McDonagh Davis Associates and the HBCTV (HanBuryCross True Vision) youtube network Channel. She is a graduate of UMBC with a Major in Writing and Minor in Film.

FILM/VIDEO: Silver Telly for Baltimore Ablaze, Billie Holiday docudrama and Kids 4 Ever Children’s Show, 11 Bronze in association with the Walter’s Art Musem for Deja Vu, the Baltimore Museum of Industry for Locomotion City, The National Great Blacks In Wax Museum for Walter White and Phyllis Wheatley. In House Videographer for the American Visionary Art Museum. Creator of Her Story half hour episode show for Maryland Women’s Heritage Center. Creator/Producer/director/editor for Top of the Morning Show, The Children’s Corner, Captain Baltimore, The Magic Box, Eye on Baltimore, Teen Scene, The Senior Scene, We’re Talkin Sports, the Spotlight on the National Great Blacks in Wax Show and many more. htttp://the_childrens_corner.tripod.com; http://mcdonagh_davis.tripod.com

MOVIES I helped produce, Stage Fright, The Family Treasure, The Bell for the Rune, Pearly Girl, the Loneliest Journey and Baltimore Ablaze. Co Producer with Brad Mays of Stagefright 90 minute film invited to the Berlin Film Festival. Associate Producer for The Family Treasure 90 minute feature. SHOWS Producer of the Welcome Whoopi to Baltimore event at Ethel’s Place, the Psychedelic Pipeline at UMBC, and Eye on the Prize at the Visionary.hanburycrosspublications.com

ART Artwork displayed at MAP, The Baltimore Trade Center and other venues. http://oar1999.tripod.com

AUTHOR of the N Things books; Angels N Things; Dragons N Things for Adults/Children; Ghosts N Things; Mummies N Things; Witches N Things; Dimitrius and the Gladiolas; Twelvth Nighting and Other Celtic Legends; The Burning of the Bag and What it Begot; It’s Reigning Cats and Dogs; Nine Lives and Fellowboy; The Body of Christ 2012 the Second Coming, The Burning of the Bag, Twinkle Twinkle a Little Star, The 12 Step Program to Writing Your Own Book, The Magic Belt and Other Fantastical Things, Observations of an Idiosyncratic or the Molestation of the Little People and Dragons N Things for Adults

ACTIVITIES AND SOCIETIES: One of the Founding Mothers of Women and Film in Md. Former Board member of Public Access Conveners appointed by Mayor O’Malley, Advisory board member of Women’s Heritage Center, Independent Feature Project NY, Academy of American Poets, Board Member of Friends of the Commission for Women Maryland. International Silver Council Judge for Telly Awards, Judge for Barbizon School of Modeling 12 years. Teacher of Confraternity of Christian Doctrine 6 years.

Charities: Meal On Wheels, The House of Ruth, The Christian Children’s Fund, St Anthony’s Bread and the Smile Train.

We’ve produced numerous public access television shows over the years. You can see a sample at http://www.youtube.com/user/Hanburycross. Listed on Facebook and LinkedIn.