Apr 2022 – “Plugging the School To Prison Pipeline/Stopping School Push-out”

Tuesday, April 26, 2022, 12:00-1:30 pm via Zoom
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CWI ‘s April 26th Noon Zoom Meeting will focus on the discussion of the disproportionately harsh effect of school discipline policies in pushing out students, marginalized due to intersectional markers such as color, ethnicity, gender orientation and economic status. Our speakers will present facts and statistics that will outline the crisis that social justice advocates recognize and are united in working to undo in order to create a nondiscriminatory administration of school discipline. This meeting will be hosted by CWI’s Board co-president, Connie Cordovilla.  Our distinguished presenters are:

Sabrina Bernadel (She/ her/hers), Equal Justice Works Fellow, National Women’s Law Center, will focus her portion on how Black girls are disproportionately disciplined and policed in schools, leading to school pushout and their involvement in the school-to-prison pipeline. She will explain concepts like “adultification bias” and intersectionality and how they play out in the education context. Sabrina will discuss what advocates can do to ensure safe, inclusive schools for girls of color and all students.

Dara Baldwin (She/her/hers), National Policy Director for the Center for Disability Rights, which is a co-convenor of the Federal School Discipline and Climate Coalition. She will discuss the difference between equality & equity; the reason both political parties are causing harm in this work; the federal legislation which her coalition supports and those they oppose; and finally the solutions and how we as a society can actually create a new world order, one where there is truly equal educational opportunities for all.

Valerie Slater, Esq. (She, her, hers) is Co-founder/Executive Director of RISE for Youth, a nonpartisan organization committed to dismantling the youth prison model and ensuring every space that impacts a young person’s life encourages growth and success. Her portion of the discussion will address the effects of school discipline policies and practices on youth in communities with high incidence of poverty, Black and Brown families, and the overuse of law enforcement to address the issues resulting from a failure to resource these communities appropriately. She will also touch on the erasure of childhood for students in these communities by the education system and other systems tasked with supporting their healthy transition to adulthood.

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