Changes and Challenges in the 2024 Title IX Regulations

Tuesday, June 25, 2024 (12:00 noon-1:30 pm ET)

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June is Pride Month, but the long-awaited Title IX Regulations from the US Department of Education are being attacked primarily because they have clarified anti-sex discrimination provisions relating to LBGTQI+ students, but also because they restore protections against sex-based harassment in schools and clarify accommodations that schools need to provide for students who terminate their pregnancies. As we celebrate the 52nd anniversary of Title IX, our experts will help us understand the key changes in the 2024 Title IX Regulations and make sure that they are implemented as planned despite the political and legal challenges.

Jeanette Lim Esbrook, a former Acting Assistant Secretary for the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights and CWI’s Vice President for Legal Affairs, will serve as Moderator. She will give a brief history of Title IX Regulations and how they are implemented. Then she will discuss how the April 2024 Title IX Regulations or Rules, which are to be implemented Aug. 1, 2024, improve safeguards for recipients of sexual assault/harassment to correct problems in the current 2020 Trump Administration Rules.

Rebecca Amadi, Federal Policy Manager, GLSEN, which works to ensure that LBGTQI+ students are able to learn and grow in a school environment free from bullying and harassment, will describe the justifications for and objections against the non-discrimination provisions relating to gender identity and sexual orientation in the 2024 Title IX Rules. She will discuss why they were included in the Rules (including the Supreme Court Bostock decision), what they cover, and why the promised Title IX Athletic Rules have not been released. Then she will describe LBGTQI+ supporters’ actions to implement the new Title IX Regulations.

Shiwali Patel, Director of Safe and Inclusive Schools & Senior Counsel, National Women’s Law Center, a lawyer who formerly worked in the Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights, will describe House Joint Resolution 165 and its companion in the Senate which would undo the new Title IX Rules as well as the litigation by 26 states and others against the April 2024 Title IX Regulations. She will outline likely scenarios for the timing and implementation of the Title IX Rules and suggest what supporters of these Rules should be doing.

Karen Truszkowski, representing Stop Sexual Assault in Schools (SSAIS) is an SSAIS Officer and attorney who represents K-12 and higher education Title IX plaintiffs. She will discuss how the Title IX 2020 Regulations were changed in 2024 relating to the procedures to be used in handling complaints of sexual assault and harassment and to provide more explicit protections and support to pregnant and parenting students. She will also discuss the specified roles of Title IX Coordinators and their designees such as investigators, decision makers, appeals officers and informal resolution facilitators and how they are supposed to work with all involved.

After the presentations the experts will have a chance to question and comment on their colleagues’ statements and the zoom participants will have an opportunity to ask questions.

The next CWI Zoom meeting is scheduled for September 24, 2024.