June 2020: Annual Elections Meeting Featuring How CWI Member Organizations are Changing with the Covid-19 Pandemic

CWI plays an important role in fostering collaboration among organizations supporting a wide variety of feminist issues. We are finding that we can do this effectively during this Covid 19 pandemic. This June meeting focuses on recruiting new member organizations to join us in making a powerful effective collective impact to obtain increased support for multiple goals such as getting the ERA in the U.S. Constitution and creating a gender equitable U.S. foreign policy. The importance of the November 2020 U.S. elections in accomplishing these goals is vital.

CWI, a 46 year old non profit composed of organizational and individual members, has focused on working with other non profit organizations with a feminist presence in the Washington, DC area but as we are now operating virtually we realize that we can serve all the nation. The purpose of this meeting is to obtain ideas and advice from current and prospective CWI organizational members on how to provide this CWI dissemination and collaborative leadership even more effectively and to address special challenges during the pandemic.

We assume that in this specialized world gender equity advocates and their organizations collaborate in their own silos of expertise. But our issues are overlapping and feminists are willing and interested in supporting multiple issues outside their regular purview. However they often need to learn more about these issues and to use strategies to deliberately provide their organizational and individual support.

CWI often provides an opportunity for our organizational members to describe their focus at the June Meetings. This June 25 we will prioritize this benefit for new CWI organizational members. We will also feature the We Demand More Coalition which was formed to monitor and influence how legislation and policies are addressing the needs of women and families related to the Covid -19 Pandemic and beyond.

Advantages of being a CWI individual or organizational member include:

  • Opportunities to learn about critical feminist issues in areas outside your expertise via CWI monthly meetings, newsletters, and meeting videos.
  • Member organizations can learn about each other’s work by CWI facilitated sharing of meeting announcements, resources, presenting at CWI meetings, signing on to each other’s letters and more.

Organizational members are also encouraged to share CWI disseminated information with their own members. More specifically, organizational members will have their organization’s URL listed on the CWI website, be entitled to have 2 members on the CWI member email list, serve on the all volunteer CWI Board of directors and help plan and sponsor CWI meetings in their focus areas where they can improve feminists’ technical and advocacy capacity. See last page for membership information. Multiple year discounts include a three-year organizational membership for only $100. Gift memberships are also encouraged.

RSVP to the Zoom meeting here. At meeting time, remember to join without activating your video and or audio if you do not wish to be seen, heard, or recorded. You may also want to rename your participant name to first name and last initial. This meeting will be recorded and posted to YouTube.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.