June 2022 – The Future of Gender Equity in Education After 50 Years of Title IX

Tuesday, June 28, 2022, 12:00-1:30 pm via Zoom
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Many are celebrating the 50th anniversary of Title IX by noting the improvements in decreasing sex discrimination in education since 1972, but seeing that full equality has not been achieved. The Clearinghouse on Women’s Issues (CWI) is a member of the National Coalition for Women and Girls in Education (NCWGE), which just published its 5 year report on “Title IX at 50” available on its website: available on its website: https://ncwge.org.

This CWI meeting on Title IX builds on the history and involvement of many leaders in implementing and monitoring its achievements. Dr. Bernice Sandler, often called the Godmother of Title IX, was a CWI Board Member. Our first presenter, Jeanette Lim Esbrook, Esq., a CWI Board Member and VP, Legal Affairs, was an early and longtime leader of the Office for Civil Rights in the US Department of Education. Jeanette will provide a history of the Title IX legislation, the early legal challenges to Title IX jurisdiction and how Title IX litigation, Congressional legislation and OCR policy were used to establish rights for gender equity under Title IX.

Shiwali Patel, Esq. from the National Women’s Law Center will focus on sexual harassment and comment on the new proposed Biden Administration Title IX Regulations to correct the regulations issued in 2020 by Betsy De Vos, which counteracted long term guidance on how to help victims of sexual harassment and assault. If the new regulations have not been issued, she will describe what she hopes will be included, such as how sex discrimination also covers discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Amy L. Katz, Esq., a Cooperating Attorney at the American Civil Liberties Union, will discuss several issue briefs with sometimes conflicting insights from the NCWGE report on Title IX at 50: Sex Segregation, Gender and Race Conscious Programs, and Science, Technology and Engineering, (STEM) and Career, Technology Education (CTE). She will share her conclusions on the best Title IX related solutions for progress in these areas.

Sue Klein, Ed.D., CWI Co-President and Education Equity Director, Feminist Majority Foundation, will discuss the NCWGE brief on Title IX Coordinators and the importance of federal funding and assistance for their key implementation work as outlined in the Gender Equity Education Act.

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