Oct 2022-“Having a Say in the Federal and State Policies: Strategies to Elect Feminists”

Tuesday, October, 25, 2022, 12-1:30pm via Zoom

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Having a Say in the Federal and State Policies: Strategies to Elect Feminists: Looking across the populations of all voters, what steps have been taken to impress the importance of this election and the need for feminists to speak up and vote? This CWI Zoom meeting will focus on the work that has been done and will continue to ensure that diverse populations turn out to solidify the recognition of feminism as an essential tenet in a safe democracy.

Connie Cordovilla, Co-President CWI. Connie is the former President of VA NOW and currently the VA NOW Treasurer and the VA NOW PAC Treasurer as well as an election officer in Fairfax County, VA for the last 20 years. She recently retired from the American Federation of Teachers Human Rights and Community Relations, where she handled women’s, LGBTQIA issues and worked on several presidential campaigns. Connie will chair the meeting and outline some important roles for feminists such as being a poll worker, election officer and activist/vote organizer.

Ms. Katherine (Kobby) Hoffman, Executive Vice President, VA NOW, Inc. Kobby Hoffman is the current Virginia NOW Executive Vice President as well as the National NOW Eastern District Representative for eight states including Delaware, District of Columbia, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, and West Virginia. Presently, she works as a Grants and Contracts Administrator for a Ryan White HIV/AIDS program. Kobby will discuss strategies for reaching young feminist voters such as the work of VA NOW and the Feminist Majority in working with college students to get out the vote.

Madalene Xuan-Trang Mielke, President and CEO Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies (https://www.apaics.org) is a nationally recognized civil rights leader with 25 years of expertise in political campaigns, training and fundraising. We are delighted she will share her wisdom on effective strategies to support the implementation of progressive and feminist political goals particularly among the varied Asian Pacific American Populations. She graduated from Tulane University and is a mentor of the Newcomb College Institute Women to Women Mentoring Program and Georgetown University Politics Mentoring Program.

On 10/6/2022 Msmagazine.com published “A Feminist Guide to the 2022 Midterms” which provides a general review of the challenges and strategies of many election issues. See https://msmagazine.com/2022/10/06/2022- midterms-how-to-vote/?omhide=true&utm_medium=email&utm_source=everyaction&emci=21f2455f-8546-ed11-b495- 002248258d38&emdi=88c845fa-0947-ed11-b495-002248258d38&ceid=404269